New Website Launch!

We are very excited to have finally launched our new website design after a month in development! You’ll see things are looking pretty spiffy around here and it’s all been completely re-coded from the ground up.

Admittedly, we were a little but shy to the idea at first because we knew what a large undertaking it would be.

A few of our goals with the new website were to make it faster, easier to navigate for users, and easier for us to manage it. Most of all, we wanted to help our clients get to know us better. If you take a look around the site I think you’ll get a pretty good idea of who we are and what we do as a company.

eFXStyle took care of the design, logo, code, programming and everything you see here. Thank You!!!

Ibarra's Floor Finishing Team

Ibarra's Floor Finishing to lunch new site on Sep.

The new website has been under development by eFXStyle for a month now; we have begun testing it a few days ago.

We are very pleased with the results of the new site, and are excited to lunch it. It will lunch on September 05, 2013.

For more Details or Information, please feel free contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It will lunch one day earlier than what eFXStyle had informed us the site will be ready which is great.

Ibarra's Floor Finishing Team


Ibarra's unveils new logo as symbol of our progress

"We wanted a logo that stayed true to our roots, yet embraced the evolution of our services"

Juan Ibarra -Owner


Ibarra's Floor Finishing announced on August 19th that it would introduce a new logo in the next month. The new logo is intended to “reflect this spirit of innovation” and ”be a modern redesign that’s more reflective of our remained design and new experiences,” J. Ibarra's said at the time.


Ibarra's Floor Finishing Compact Logo Version
 Ibarra's Floor Finishing Logo


Ibarra's Floor Finishing Extended Logo Version
 Ibarra's Floor Finishing Logo wide version


Ibarra's Floor Finishing Old Logo from 2001 to September 2013
 Ibarra's Floor Finishing Logo from 2001-2013We have stop using this logo, all our media will be re-printed by the end of the month.
This includes Brochures, Business cards, Flyers and in our Vehicles magnets.

Ibarra's Floor Finishing Team

We are Re-branding our company

It is no secret that the world as we know it is in a constant state of change, so much so that some may argue that the meaning of life itself is to progress. 

A few weeks ago we hire eFXStyle to remake and re-develop our company website, with careful considerations we have also ask eFXStyle to remake our Company Logo as-well.


We have seen a prototype of our new website and we came to conclusion that our logo for that we have used for the past 12 years has become outdated and wouldn't properly match our new website.

Ibarra's Floor Finishing Team


Ibarra's Floor Finishing hires eFXStyle

Ibarra's Floor Finishing has finalized a contract with a Web Development company name eFXStyle (

For it to develop and upgrade our Website and Application for the company, services will be render within a month, and our new face of our company will emerge on September 06, 2013. -website.

Ibarra's Floor Finishing Team


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Need Help?

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